Brow And Lash Tinting

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Brow And Lash Tinting

Brow and lash tinting is a completely painless procedure where semi permanent dye is painted on to the eye area. Tinting adds color to create darker, fuller, longer looking brows and lashes. (Lasts 3-5days on skin and 3-6 weeks on the hair)

Option 1 : Creating a look of darker, fuller denser brows.Since it also stains the skin around the brow hairs, it gives a shape powdery effect.This technique also allows layering of the pigment so the ombré effect is easily achievable.

Option 2 : only tinted the brows hairs without the skin.

Lash Tinting

Lash tinting is a completely painless procedure where semi-permanent dye is painted on to the eye are. Tinting adds color to create darker,fuller,longer looking lashes. (Last 4-6 weeks)

Microblading for men

YES. Microblading is for men too! At Stylisee we love working on male brows. Microblading mens eyebrows are trending to be a more and more popular eyebrow service. The demand for microblading men is becoming just as demanding as microblading women. Just like women’s eyebrows thin, mens do too. When we microblade men we make sure that creating that perfect natural look is achieved just how the guy likes his brows. Some men don’t want that perfect eyebrow look and then other guys do. During our consultation and before the microblading treatment procedure, we make sure to gain a natural hair look to ensure your brows are microbladed to perfection. Check out our prices HERE.

Brows Tinting + Shaping $45
Brows Tinting $25