Ombré Brow

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Ombré Brows

Why Ombré Brows?

Whether you have a full brow or no brows at all, powder brows can accommodate. As a perfect shape is created for you & filled with color, it doesn’t matter whether you have patchy brows, one wonky brow, uneven brows or no brows to speak of. The powder brow doesn’t discriminate. It just wants to help all the different brows out there

If saving time and feeling confident is extremely important to you than you’ll understand why we believe getting Powder Brows done at Stylisee can be a life changing moment – it can put an end to this vicious cycle and liberate you from the chains of imperfect brows!

Why Stylisee Ombré Brows ?

The one-of-a kind Powder Brows at Stylisee are so exceptional because they can be customized to the exact look that you want. Our master artists will work with you and ensure that your brows not only match your lifestyle but also fit into it seamlessly, too!

Stylisee’s unique process for Powder Brows is unmatched in its ability to customize them specifically to meet all of our customer’s needs. No matter how dense or thin we make their appearance, a conversation about what exactly suits both their style and lifestyle takes place first before any shaping begins – this ensures such an incredible end result every time!

Our ability to layer the powder effect to your personal preference is also why MLA signature brows are recognized around the world.

The art in shading is to layer the pixels perfectly without appearing denser and darker than your natural eyebrow hair.

Our Master Artists are able to do just that so when you walk out of the Stylisee Studio, your brows appear the most natural.


Please follow these instructions to ensure proper healing and color retention. Note that colors appear darker for a few days after the treatment. Color will soften and intensity decrease as the healing processes. Some redness, swelling, light bruising, and slight itching during the healing process is normal. It is normal for people to experience peeling of pigment. Fading or loss of pigment may occur during healing, especially after the first treatment. Do not pick at any color peeling, but allow it to fall off naturally.

  • • When washing your face, keep soap and shampoo away from the treatment area. Re-apply Healing Cream after washing your face. Do not rub or scratch treatment area, and expose them only to clean water.
  • • During the 1st week avoid sun exposure, saunas, excess sweating, tanning,makeup and skin care application on the treatment area.
  • • Keep your new brows dry & do not expose them to water for 24 hours after treatment.
  • • On Day 3, apply a thin layer of Healing Cream gently once a day if you have dry skin at Night with clean fingertips, for 7 days. Do not use cotton pads or swabs.

**Please consult a physician at the first signs of infection

Maintaining Your Brows

After the initial appointment we recommend a yearly touchup to maintain the crispness and freshness of your brows. However, we do offer different touchup schedules because everyone experience the fading process differently and may need to get a touchup sooner than one year.

All touchup prices are determined by calculating the time since your last paid appointment (which included any paid touchup appointment)

Ombre Brow — $400 (Master Artist)

6 to 8 weeks touch up – $200
6 months to 1 year refreshing – $500