What Is Luscious Lips?

Lip blushing is a type of semi permanent cosmetic Microblading procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. This process can also be known as lip Microblading, which is more about altering the color and shape of one’s lips to achieve younger looking ones than it would ever be considered traditional Microblading. Lip blush focuses on achieving both these colors and shapes while making sure that they are still natural enough so that when you first wake up every morning after having this done there will not have been any visible change from what was already present before hand.

However, there are many aspects of the treatment to consider, including:

– pain tolerance
– budget
– possible side effects

Here’s what you need to know about lip blushing before getting started.

Lip blushing procedure

A lip blush procedure is similar to a Microblading for the lips. It’s done in these steps:

Your provider will numb your lips so you can feel less pain and discomfort during the process while waiting on numbing agent to take full effect, they’ll go over desired lip shape with sketches that need approval. Next, natural-looking pigment is inserted using small needles into multiple layers of skin creating an even tone which takes 1 – 3 hours depending on complexity or size requested by client

Does It Hurt?

Your provider will apply a numbing product to your lips beforehand so you can avoid feeling any pain or discomfort. Some people may not feel much at all, while others might need medication like acetaminophen before the appointment in order for them to have an easier time with it. Avoid taking naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin and supplements like fish oil garlic ginko vitamin E because these items increase bleeding and bruising which would make getting the lip blush more difficult than anticipated!

Potential side effects

Microblading your lips may be a new trend, but it carries the same risks as traditional Microblading. Minor side effects are to be expected and will decrease once you’ve healed. These include:

light swelling
Without proper aftercare and healing, they may become infected – so call up that doctor if you notice:
excessive swelling;
worsening pain;
pus oozing from your lips
or other symptoms like fever/chills.

Other possible side effects include:
itchiness (often accompanied by redness)
skin bumps with uneven coloring

Lip blushing aftercare

To avoid scaring and uneven tone, it’s best to let a lip blush heal on its own. There are similarities between the healing process for Microblading and that of lip blushing- both see redness and swelling which you can aid with ice or cold compresses. The ultimate goal is to allow your lips time enough so they can air dry without any bandaging interference; this will help promote better results as well as avoiding scarring in the future from picking at scabs during recovery.

Your lips will be sensitive for a few weeks after the lip blush procedure, so it is best to avoid intense workouts and staying in direct sunlight during this time. If your new pout looks darker than you anticipated as they heal, don’t worry this is a normal side effect that will wear off as your lips heal.

Expect to see a youthful, healthy glow in about a month. Your technician may ask you for an additional follow-up appointment at this time to assess your results and make sure everything is going smoothly!

A touch-up session may be required after a couple of months to maintain your desired color.

Lip blushing before and after

Lip blushing can help you achieve the symmetry and tone of your dreams! Your Lip Blush specialist will likely offer a natural-looking pigment to match all skin colors.

The best way to demonstrate the look of lip blushing is with these before and after examples.

How to find a qualified provider

Microblading your lips is the new trend in beauty. Once a taboo practice, it now falls under simple and affordable cosmetic Microblading procedures which are typically performed by an aesthetician or cosmetic Microblading technician who has undergone extensive training instead of a traditional Microblading artist.

This is because cosmetic Microblading technicians are equipped with the ability to help you achieve anti-aging results, rather than just lip color alone.

When looking for a cosmetic Microblading technician, make sure they’re well-trained and licensed. You should be able to see their portfolio of previous work before you commit your skin to them!

Lip blushing should be performed at a skin care facility or medical office only.

Cost Of Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a cosmetic procedure, so it’s not covered by medical insurance. On average, permanent makeup procedures cost $800-$1200 per session and usually take an hour or two to complete with the help of a skilled professional.

Your total cost will vary based on your provider and where you live.

Remember, a good deal is worth it if the results are satisfactory. It’s easy to find an unlicensed or inexperienced person who’ll do any job for less money; but you might end up with poor quality work that may need fixing by a professional in order to be acceptable again.


Lip blushing is a form of Microbladinging to help achieve more toned and shapely lips. It’s also not the only anti-aging lip treatment available, with many other options on the market for increased hydration or fuller looking pout

If you’re worried about your lips, don’t hesitate to speak with a dermatologist. They can help assess the situation and provide information on treatment options that would be best for you.

If you decide that lip blushing is your best option, make sure to work with an experienced technician who will also go over any risks involved in the procedure!

It is important to call your doctor if you have any side effects after undergoing the procedure.

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